The Brut Millesimato Montresor sparkling wine is a wine produced with Pinot Noir grapes, made sparkling with the Montresor Long Charmat Method, and then aged in the bottle for a few months. 
Pinot Nero

Rosé Royal

Our Pinot Nero Rosè Royal is a rosé sparkling wine produced with Pinot Noir grapes with the Long Montresor Charmat Method. The base wine, delicate and fragrant, is refermented with the grafting of yeasts, which we selected ourselves, in an autoclave where it is left to mature.
The Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Capitel della Crosara is the result of many years of experience linked to the oldest Valpolicella, a full-bodied and intense wine, a mouthpiece for the distinctive characteristics of a territory renowned and known throughout the world.
Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Fondatore

It is the undisputed king of Valpolicella: Amarone. Dedicated to the Founder of the Winery: Giacomo Montresor takes you on a journey through time, faithful to the style of the Founder, to look at the territory of Valpolicella with Giacomo's eyes and convey the interpretation he gave of it at the time. 
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Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Satinato

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The flagship of Montresor production, Amarone della Valpolicella Satinato is present in over 50 countries around the world and is an icon of Valpolicella. The satin bottle, the "Mula", was born in the early 1900s from the hand of our founder Giacomo Montresor.
Le Tradizioni

Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé "Brolo Alto"

Are you looking for a wine that goes well with delicate dishes, appetizers, soups, omelets, vegetable soufflé and soft cheeses, egg dishes, grilled fish? We have the perfect solution: our Chiaretto Bardolino Brolo Alto, with a fresh, dry, and harmonious flavor.
A red wine with a harmonious flavor with an elegant and savory body: Bardolino Le Banche di San Lorenzo Montresor is perfect to accompany meat dishes, especially from the Venetian tradition.

Brut Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc

Chardonnay Spumante Brut Blanc de Blanc by Montresor has a subtle and persistent perlage with a scent of bread crust and apple. Fresh and mineral, it is perfect for an evening full of bubbles.
Each wine has its own history, and this uniqueness must be celebrated from the vineyard to the glass. We introduce you our Cabernet Sauvignon Campo Madonna, poetry with a full, enveloping, and structured taste.
Le Tradizioni

Corvina IGP

With an intense ruby color, our Corvina Montresor is a red wine that contains the hints of a soft and elegant Valpolicella. Corvina is a typical vine of the Verona area and is a real must for those who want to savor this wine-growing area.
Le Tradizioni

Custoza DOP "Vedetta del Re"

Intense and characteristic bouquet of wildflowers, on the palate it is savory and delicate and slightly aromatic. Notes of musk and sage. Our Custoza Vedetta del Re is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany a light meal.

Cuvée Royale

Bubble with a fine and persistent perlage, perfect for any occasion: our Cuvée Royale is the king of the aperitif, born from a blend of white grapes typical of the Verona area.
Le Tradizioni

Lugana DOP "Campovalentino"

With its delicate and fruity aromas, Lugana Campovalentino Montresor is the perfect wine for an aperitif or to accompany fresh food, able to quench thirst and make a pleasant picnic or an evening with friends.
Le Fattorie

Lugana DOP Le Fattorie

Pure emotion directly in the glass. Let yourself be inebriated by the persuasive, full and enveloping flavor of our Lugana Le Fattorie Montresor.
For Rosé lovers this is a real must! Our Prosecco Rosè Montresor Millesimato doc goes well with appetizers, fish, and shellfish dishes. It is excellent with a meal and as an aperitif.

Prosecco Spumante DOP Millesimato

Excellent aperitif, it goes well with the whole meal with the most varied preparations: the Prosecco Spumante Millesimato Montresor has a bright yellow color and in the mouth, it is soft and velvety.
With a full, sweet flavor of ripe fruit, currants, blackberries, and cherries: Recioto della Valpolicella Re Teodorico by Montresor is a wine with an impenetrable red color, full-bodied and with rich intense aromas.
Le Tradizioni

Soave Classico DOP "Gran Guardia"

A fresh and captivating white wine! Our Soave Gran Guardia has a persuasive and slightly fruity aroma, a dry, delicate, and elegant flavor. Discover the magic that it releases with every sip!
Le Fattorie

Soave Classico DOP Le Fattorie

With pleasant floral and fruity notes, the Soave Classico Le Fattorie Montresor is a wine with a delicate and fruity aroma that presents a good complexity with a pleasant aromatic persistence.
Capitel della Crosara

Valpolicella Classico DOP Capitel della Crosara

A deep red, Montresor's Ripasso Capitel della Crosara is a wine that best expresses the characteristics of the territory. Intense, rich, and elegant.
Red and structured, the Valpolicella Classico Superiore Le Fattorie Montresor is a soft and round wine, classically faithful to the traditions and to the territory from which it is born.
Le Tradizioni

Valpolicella DOP "San Pietro"

Each wine must be told in a unique way. Our Valpolicella San Pietro Le Tradizioni has an elegant style and a dry and savory flavor, always perfect in combination with red meats, noble poultry, cheeses, cured meats and game.
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